About Dr. Siddique

“It’s all about establishing patient trust and confidence”

Dr Siddique is the in-house Cosmetic Dermatologist. He is highly sought-after for the comfort and finesse that he provides during his cosmetic surgical procedures. Dr. Siddique shares that it’s his passion to help his patients feel and look and their absolute best at Lyfe Clinic. His exemplary approach with patient care and aesthetic treatments have earned him a reputable voice in the industry; He regularly conducts seminars on the latest trends in aesthetic medicine and has served as a guest speaker for renowned skin care brands.

Dr. Siddique obtained his medical degree from Annamalai University, India. He holds a Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff University, UK as well as a Diploma from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Siddique has also attained certification in: cosmetic lasers, intense pulsed light, chemical peels, Botox® and filler Injections.