Sunken Features & Volume Loss



A loss of facial volume results in sunken features making your skin lose its supple and youthful condition. The condition is often caused by rapid weight loss, smoking, prolonged sun exposure, severe illness– this is due to the loss of blood vessels, fat layers and collagen and elastin production. A loss of facial volume results in sagging skin, a flattening of the cheeks and the appearance of a “turkey neck” or sagging skin around the jawline and neck areas.



Our Recommended Treatments

Injectable fillers

  • Targets: Sunken features, unwanted facial lines or static wrinkles
  • Treatment: Injectable fillers are used as a non-invasive augmentation method, softening your facial lines through restoring the necessary hydration and volume of tissue for a youthful, fresh appearance
  • Method: Injection
  • Downtime: Lunchtime procedure
  • Frequency: Every 2-4 weeks

Accent Prime

  • Targets: Sagging skin of face and neck, dark circles around eyes
  • Treatment: Accent Prime is a vacuum assisted high-energy unipolar radio-frequency (RF) for skin tightening. It works on a mesh of collagen fibers, mobilising them into action so that skin regains its elasticity and form
  • Method: Cold ultrasound with unipolar radio-frequency (RF)
  • Downtime: -
  • Frequency: Once per week, 3 to 4 sessions


  • Targets: Sagging skin with volume loss, under-eye bags, eyelids with hooding or rough texture, wrinkles and fine lines
  • Treatment: Thermage® uses a non-invasive, radio-frequency (RF) procedure to stimulate collagen production. As a result, the skin is tightened, lifted, smoothened and contoured for a younger looking appearance
  • Method: Radio-frequency (RF) cosmetic procedure
  • Downtime: Lunchtime procedure
  • Frequency: 12-16 months

PRP Therapy

  • Targets: Ageing skin, dull skin, sagging skin, acne scars, pigmentation, wrinkles
  • Treatment: PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Your blood is drawn — typically from your arm — and placed into a centrifuge (a machine that spins rapidly to separate fluids of different densities). The separated Platelet Rich Plasma is drawn up into a syringe and then injected into areas of the face or neck using a syringe or microneedling. If you would like immediate results, we recommend combining it with a filler.
  • Method: Injection / Microneedling / Dermaroller
  • Downtime: Lunchtime procedure
  • Frequency: First 3 sessions monthly then maintenance once every 3-6 months (depending on the patient)

Silhouette Soft

  • Targets: Sagging skin and sunken features on the face, cheeks, eyebrows
  • Treatment: Silhouette Soft restores “the triangle of youth” without surgery by repositioning the sagging tissue and stimulating the collagen production. With its innovative technology, Silhouette Soft enables us to re-tighten sagging skin on facial and neck tissues, for immediate, refreshed and natural looking results. The sutures are resorbable, hence disappearing overtime. Silhouette Soft offers a unique dual action, by repositioning the sagged tissue and by stimulating the collagen production, for continued improvement over time.
  • Method: Non-invasive facial lifting or tightening
  • Downtime: Lunchtime procedure
  • Frequency: 12 months